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Welcome to Sado Island!
We are located in the peaceful countryside surrounded by the nature and rice fields. We are committed to providing hearty hospitality to all guests and we offer you a relaxing accommodation during your holidays. Look forward to seeing you! グリーンヴィレッジ代表
Chikako Homma          Owner/Green Village Patio House
750-4 Niibo Uryuya, Sado Island
Niigata, 952-0106 Japan

 What's New

There are many festivals and events on Sado Island. If you have time, please plan ahead
 and come see these festive activities. Event information can be found here. 

Noh Play
 (A traditional masked dance drama)

Sado Island is well-known for Noh and a number of its classic stages are still active. There are more than 30 outdoor stages and Noh plays are regularly performed during the season. The audience at a play is invited to explore the beauty of the subtle and profound performances. 
Noh Schedules